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I am a native North Carolinian, born in Oxford, NC.  My mother was a talented oil painter.  She was a young girl in the Depression, and did all of her work using house paints that her uncle gave her from his business. In my youth she encouraged me in art and music.  My mother became totally blind at the age of 32, which ended her art career.  She then encouraged me to play the piano and accordion. 

I have been playing the piano and singing professionally ever since.  I majored in music at Campbell University. For over 35 years I've been a member, and eventual leader, of the North Tower Band. 

Even though I was heavily involved in music, in 2002 I took my first acrylic painting class.  I began selling my work soon after.  I became a member of Raleigh’s Visual Artists Exchange, and my work started selling well.  In my first dozen years as a painter over 400 of my paintings have found new homes.  


I feel very fortunate to be able to do two things that I love. As a musician I am always traversing the Carolinas and Virginia and am often inspired to put these places on canvas.


A few years ago the opportunity to teach art for the City of Raleigh presented itself and I have enjoyed helping others learn to paint ever since.

I love the mix of artist and musician.

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