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Art Classes

One of the most rewarding parts of becoming an artist is helping others find their inner artist. I teach classes for the City of Raleigh at the Sertoma Arts Center.
The classes run in 6 week segments year round. On Monday evenings is the "Larry Dean's Beginning Acrylics" class. Tuesday afternoons and Tuesday nights the "Larry Dean's Workshops" are available. The Tuesday classes are for those who want to continue their development as we find our styles and interests in art. 
If you can't make the beginning class on Mondays and you're just getting started join one of the Tuesday classes. You'll have more helpers!
If you'd like to sign up online just go the the City of Raleigh RecLink 
and navigate your way to the classes and sign up.
The next group of classes is starting soon!!!  Here they are as listed in the City of Raleigh RecLink Site:
Painting -LarryDean's Beginning Acrylics       Barcode:192720
Monday evenings 6:30-9PM      Nov 7 thru Dec 12    Sertoma Arts Center
Painting - Larry Dean's Studio       Barcode: 192722
Tuesday afternoons 1-3:30PM    Nov 8 thru Dec 13    Sertoma Arts Center
Painting - Larry Dean's Studio       Barcode: 192724
Tuesday evenings 6:30-9PM       Nov 8 thru Dec 13    Sertoma Arts Center
Below I've included a slideshow of paintings by some of my students. Check back often as I will be changing these every couple of weeks.
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